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"Prepare for the Worst.  Hope for the Best"

-Austin Medical Company Motto-

    In Jan 2008, 3 new Soldiers were directed, under the then Medical Brigade Commander BG Scantlin to organize  the Austin Medical Company as a Provisional Unit.

   In Jan 2009 after one year of organizing, recruiting and training, the unit was 'Stood-Up' as an official company.                         The 3 founders are pictured below.


Austin Medical Company Soldiers pose in front of Nike Missile at Bee Cave Armory

Below: TX St Gd (Maritime Regiment) performs rescue in Houston during Hurricane Ike-Aug,2008

Below: Texas State Guard Commander-In-Chief, Governor Rick Perry praises the Texas State Guard and Operation Lone Star in a speech July 30, 2010 in Brownsville, TX.

Austin Medical Company,
Medical Brigade,

Texas State Guard

    -We are NOT National Guard or Active Army soldiers. Our roots are in the original Texas militia companies dating back to the Texas revolution and we serve under the Governor of Texas.

Austin Medical Company Soldiers:

   -Prepare for Texas natural disasters, emergencies,  terrorism attacks, and civic events.  Most of our missions have been preparing & responding to  hurricanes.

   -Are surge responders & first   responders.

   -Are medical and non-medical soldiers.

   -Are unpaid, except when activated for State Active Duty & then paid a daily honorarium (the same $125/d for for Privates to Generals).

  -Wear the TX military uniform (same as U.S. Army, but with State Guard insignia; Air Wing and Maritime Regt wear U.S. Air Force & Marine equivalent).

   -Train one drill per month plus 3 to 14 days at Operation Lone Star.

   -Decide individually to which missions you can respond [after the Governor's request].

   -Receive sovereign immunity from lawsuits when we provide medical services on State Active Duty.

   -Receive workman's compensation protection on duty.

   -Serve the Texas Governor [rather than the U.S. President].

   -Serve only in Texas, as "Texans serving Texans."

   -Are a mix of prior service military veterans and civilians (all allowed to  wear the uniform after being sworn in).
   -Enlisted soldiers & some officers eligible for tuition assistance.
   -Can resign at any time, but 3 years minimum service requested.

   -Are men and women age 18-70.

   -Enjoy serving part time in a military structure.
   -Our members include nurses, EMT's, doctors, veterinarians, stockbrokers, lawyers, retirees, homemakers, PA's, business owners, teachers, law enforcement officers, government employees and more.  Wont you join us?  And be a part of Texans helping Texans .

   We usually meet at Bee Cave Armory (our home base), but sometimes Camp Mabry.  Our drills can take place anywhere; previous locations have included Fire Departments, the Central TX Emergency Operations Center, the Red Cross, City Parks, UT Police Academy, Lake Georgetown for Zodiac boat training, and a joint drill with 2nd Regt at San Marcos Armory.  See Pg 10 for maps to Bee Cave Armory & Camp Mabry.



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